When the cooler season of the year arrives, it signals the time when you will be operating your heating system regularly. That is when most people discover an issue with their HVAC system. If you need heating repair, contact the heating system repair specialists at C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas. We offer responsive, dependable and affordable heating repair solutions for homes and businesses.

Signs Your Heater Needs Repairing

When you notice anything about your HVAC system that appears abnormal, it is best to call a reputable heating repair contractor to check it out. A reputable heating repair technician can properly examine and diagnose any issue you may be having with your heater. There are several signs that you show you need heating repair. Contact the experts in heating repair for expert consultation. Meanwhile, look for the following signs that heating repair is due:
    1. Reduced air flow. The air ducts and vents may be blocked or the air handler may have problems, forcing the heating system to overwork, which could cause a bigger malfunction.
    2. Unusual sounds. If there are any noises that do not belong in your HVAC system, get them checked out right away to prevent larger issues from developing. Parts may be wearing down and on the verge of breaking.
    3. No or low heat. Cold air is a dead giveaway that something is wrong with your HVAC system. Get help to make your system work efficiently again.
    4. High energy bill. When your monthly utility bill for electric and gas zoom way up, this is a red flag that your heating system is not operating as efficiently as it once was.
    5. Unhealthy indoor air quality. If the air flowing from the ductwork vents of your heating system is hazy, smokey or emits an odor, this is something to check out right away. A malfunctioning heater may be moving air that is unhealthy and full of particulates and other contaminants. And, it may be more than just a dirty filter.

It is good to know you have a heating repair expert on your side in C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas. We repair all makes, models and years of heating equipment. We serve customers in in North Central Texas communities north of the I-635 Freeway: Allen, Anna, The Colony, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney,  Plano, Prosper, Celina and all surrounding areas.

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Call a top-rated heating repair company with super friendly customer service. If you need heating repair, don’t delay. Call C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas, today.

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