Are you anxious that your old heating system could quit any time now? Now is the time to plan for a heating system replacement. C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas, provides responsive, dependable and affordable HVAC system replacement solutions for homes and businesses.

Signs You Need a New Heating System

The expert heating replacement professionals at C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas, can help you determine if your heating system needs repairs or replacement. We would like to point out the common signs a new furnace may be needed:

  1. Your energy bill has jumped up. Your heating system may be ready to quit if your monthly energy bills keep rising. This indicates the system is operating inefficiently. The money you spend on more fuel and repairs is money that could be going toward a good investment in an energy-efficient heater.
  2. Your heater is old. Is your heating system older that 15 years? Talk to one of our comfort advisors who can show you how much you will save with a high-efficiency heating system.
  3. You are making frequent repairs. The older a heating system gets, typically the more repairs it requires. At some point, it is a better financial decision to buy a high-efficiency heating system than to keep paying for numerous expensive repairs.
  4. Your heater makes unusual sounds. Banging, clacking, jolting, rattling: These are all mechanical sounds that your heating system is not designed to make. Something is drastically wrong and must be checked out before it continues to damage the system.
  5. Your heating system never gets the air warm enough. If you must change the thermostat constantly, your heater is just not working properly.
  6. Your heater is producing a yellow flame. This is dangerous, as the flame should be blue, and you must call your gas company right away and then call us. Leave the premises to avoid any potential exposure to carbon monoxide.

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, call us for more information on installation and replacement of a heating system for your property.

C.A.S. Air Conditioning & Heating, Prosper, Texas, installs and replaces all makes, models and brands of air conditioning and heating equipment. And, we provide HVAC services to the North Central Texas communities north of the I-635 Freeway: Allen, Anna, The Colony, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Celina and all surrounding areas.

Time to Call the Heating Replacement Pro

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